Plasti Dip 11oz Aerosol Can Anthracite Grey

Plasti Dip 11oz Aerosol Can Anthracite Grey

Brand: Performix
Product Code: TMAnthraciteGrey
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PLASTI DIP 11OZ AEROSOL CAN - DYC Exclusive True Metallic, Anthracite Grey Color.

Plasti Dip in an innovative rubber coating solution, Made by PERFORMIX USA. This revolutionary product is easy to apply over any surface in order to coat it with liquid rubber for either protection or a color change.

This Beautiful True Metallic Anthracite Grey provides very nice metallic finish, no base coat or metal flakes needed, applies and peels off exactly as other Plasti dip colors.

Plasti Dip provides a beautiful matte finish to any applied surface. The product also has isolation properties, so it can be used as an isolation coating. If enough coats are applied, the DIP can be peeled off from any surface while protecting the area underneath.

Provides non slip grip on most surfaced on which it is applied.

Usefull video made by Prodip:

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