When will my order ship?

After payment has been received and confirmed, processing could take from 3-5 business days after which your items will ship and you will recieve a tracking number. In some rare cases processing time can take longer (up to 10 business days) in which case you will be notified by email. Please note that our Currier Company FedEx comes every day to pick up packages.

Do you ship internationally?

PRODIPUSA is a USA based company and we do ship outside of USA. If you are an international buyer interested in importing and selling this product in your own Country, please contact us for more information by emailing info@prodipusa.com

How much will my shipping charges be?

Shipping rates depend on the location where you want the order to be shipped. You can easily calculate the freight charges by creating an account on PRODIPUSA.com and specifying your shipping address and postal code. Your shipping rate will be calculated at checkout. Please note we ONLY use FedEx as our shipping company. If you would like to use your own shipping company, you would need to contact us by emailing info@prodipusa.com

 Can I return my product?

PRODIPUSA.com will accept returns within 10 days of the delivery of the product. Please note that you will have to pay to have the product shipped back to us and if you want a refund, a 30% re-stocking fee will apply. We will gladly exchange your any unwanted product at no extra cost. If you would like more information, please email us at info@prodipusa.com

What are the accepted payment methods?

PRODIPUSA.com  accepts PayPal, American Express, Visa and Mastercard. 

Can I pick up the product locally?

No, we do not have retail location

Are taxes include in the price?

Yes, All Taxes included

I can’t find the product I want / Product is backordered?

It may happen that a Plasti-Dip product may not be available on our site since it’s not as popular, this doesn’t mean we can’t get it for you. Simply send us a request to info@prodipusa.com and we will provide you with pricing and details. If the product is backordered, you can still order it to reserve it once it arrives. We fulfill backordered orders within 5-7 business days (on average).

Once applied, how durable Plasti-Dip is and how long will it last?

It is very hard to predict how long Plasti-Dip will last. The product is fairly new to the automotive industry and there hasn’t been enough time to give long term guarantees. We estimate that if you apply it properly (6-8 coats) will last at least 2 years given the fact that there won’t be user caused damages.

Is Plasti-Dip heat resistant?

Plasti Dip can resist up to 200F so yes, it is heat resistant.

What happens if I drop Gasoline on Plasti-Dip fueling up?

Gasoline is a solvent by itself. Any drop of gasoline on a Plasti-Dipped part will damage it. Please pay attention when fueling up.

Is Plasti-Dip permanent / Does it damage the clear coat of my car?

Plasti-Dip is not permanent. It can be easily removed given the fact that you apply enough coats. Even If you don’t apply enough coats, Plasti-Dip can still be removed when wanted, it just would take much longer and would much harder. Plasti-Dip does not damage the clear coat of your car unless you bought it in a Pure form and used to much thinner to thin it. For more info please email info@prodipusa.com

What is the recommended amount of coats I should apply?

PRODIP.ca recommends 6-8 coats for optimal durability and the ease of removal. You can get full coverage with less coats however the result might not last as long and be extremely hard to remove.  

How many gallons do I need for my car?

The calculation is quite simple. If applied properly 1 Gallon of Plasti-Dip gives you 2 coats on a mid-sized car. So the amount of gallons would depend on the amount of coats you want to put, size of the car and weather you want to have a base coat as well. Please note that Blaze Colors require 20%-30% more product in order to cover an area as opposed to nom Blaze Colors.

What is the proper way to prep my vehicle / rims / panels before Dipping them?

PRODIPUSA.com recommends washing any part thoroughly with water and soap before dipping.  We recommend letting the part dry for 24 hours. You then need to use the PREDIP spray sold by PRODIP.ca to clean any part to be DIPPED prior application. If you have any questions, please feel free to email info@prodipusa.com

What is the procedure to clean my Plasti-Dipped car / rims / panels?

Plasti Dipped cars and panels can be cleaned with a pressure washer and soap. Please avoid using any solvent based products as it will permanently damage your Plasti-Dip finish. In order to clean your Plasti-Dipped rims we recommend Brake Dust Pro sold in our store. It has the best results without damaging your rims.

Can Plasti-Dip Clear be used to protect my car’s paint ?

YES, Plasti-Dip clear can be used on a full vehicle as well as a clear Bra / Coat on certain parts to protect the body against stone chips and/or salt in the winter. It works well, looks good and cost virtually nothing. If you have any more questions, please email info@prodipusa.com

Do I need to cover my headlight/taillight when Dipping a car?

Based on our experience, Plasti-Dip will peel off and won’t damage most headlights / taillight however we did notice Plasti-Dip damage on older make/model head/tail lights. We STRONGLY suggest to mask off ALL headlight and taillight to avoid damaging your car!

Does Glossifier need to be applied ONLY on Plasti-Dipped parts?

No, Glossifier can be sprayed on any surface and it will make the finish glossy. You can then remove it the same as you would remove Plasti-Dip simply by peeling it off the surface.

At what distance should I spray Plasti-Dip?

Based on our testing, PRODIP recommends a distance of 4-5 inches away from the area being sprayed.

Will Plasti-Dip protect my car against Salt in the winter?

Plasti-Dip is extremely durable coating solution. If the recommended amount of coats is applied, it will protect the area from Ice, Salt snow and heat. It’s a great and affordable way to protect your investment.

What are the sizes available for Plasti-Dip products?

We sell 11oz Aerosol Cans, 1 Gallon Pure or Spray able (Plasti Dip S)

What is the recommended Spray Gun to apply Plasti-Dip?

PRODIP recommends  DYC Spray station. Based on our experience this guns is the best choice for the beginner as well as the experiences Plasti-Dipper. It can be purchased alone or in a PRO Car Kit on our online store.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at 1-855-6-PRODIP or emailing info@prodipusa.com



Thank you for choosing PRODIP.ca as your Plasti-Dip Supplier !