Plasti Dip Spray Gallon Black

Plasti Dip Spray Gallon Black

Brand: Performix
Product Code: PDGblack
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Plasti Dip Sprayable Gallon - Black Color.

This is 100% authentic Plasti Dip Sprayable gallon made by PERFORMIX USA.

Using Plasti Dip Sprayable gallons you can easily apply Plasti Dip to any larger surface faster than using an aerosol can.

Provides a beautiful rubberized matte finish to any surface. Please make sure you clean and dry the surface well before you apply.

We recommend that you use our PRODIP DIP Prep Spray which will help get rid of any dirt on the panel to ensure that Plasti Dip is beautiful and long lasting.

Consider using PRODIP Revitalizer to renew the look of your Plasti Dipped surface or the DYC DIP Coat to add an extra layer of protection to your Plasti Dipped surface which also protects it from scratches.

Usefull video made by Prodip:

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