Installer Application Form

At the requests of numerous customers Prodip releases a directory of professionals, where every professional installer can send a request filling out the given application and after being approved his name will be listed among the authorized installers on our website.

Authorized Prodip Installers can immediately start generating business by having exclusive and protected access to the following:

1. Advertise and promote your services, images and videos on the Official Prodip Facebook pages. The Prodip Team will share your project and customer pictures with the vast audience of Prodip's Facebook Fans.
2. Your business will have a detailed online listing in the Authorized Prodip Installer Network Directory. Customers from all across the USA want their cars dipped, but want it done by a professional.
3. All the installers will benefit appearing on our website, because Prodip has more than 30,000 monthly visitors and it is growing every day. By simply clicking on "Find a Local Prodip Installer", and selecting their Country/Region, each user will find your Company, logo, services listed and contact information.
4. Our customers can easily find local installers, henceforth the installers will have more and more clients.
5. Permission and license to promote and utilize the "Authorized Prodip Installer" logo.
6. Authorized Prodip Installers will have Exclusive Discount on all our products.

Payment options:

For monthly plan - $50, for the first 20 installers.
For annual plan - $500, for the first 20 installers.

The monthly payment must be done on the first day of the month.

Company Information